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The 10 Most Ridiculously Entertaining Reads of 2010

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Top 10

  1. The Anosognosic's Dilemma (Parts 1-5)

    Errol Morris | New York Times

  2. Moscow's Stray Dogs

    Susanne Sternthal | Financial Times

  3. Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds

    Michael Lewis | Vanity Fair

  4. The War for Drugs

    Sarah Hill | Boston Review

  5. Generation Why?

    Zadie Smith | NY Review of Books

  6. The Mussolini of Ass

    Devin Friedman | GQ

  7. Letting Go

    Atul Gawande | New Yorker

  8. The Wrong Man

    David Freed | The Atlantic

  9. The Myth of Charter Schools

    Diane Ravitch | NY Review of Books

  10. TV's Crowning Moment of Awesome

    Chris Jones | Esquire

Next 10

  1. The Dirtiest Player

    Jason Fagone | GQ

  2. Lost Exile

    James Verini | Vanity Fair

  3. The Decisive Ones

    Thanassis Cambanis | At Length

  4. The NYPD Tapes: Inside a Bed-Stuy Precinct

    Graham Rayman | Village Voice

  5. Innocence Lost

    Pamela Colloff | Texas Monthly

  6. Sweatpants in Paradise

    Molly Young | The Believer

  7. Dirty Medicine

    Mariah Blake | Washington Monthly

  8. Betting on the Blind Side

    Michael Lewis | Vanity Fair

  9. The Enemy Within

    Mark Bowden | The Atlantic

  10. Later

    James Surowiecki | New Yorker

The 10 Most Ridiculously Entertaining Reads of 2010

  1. Sledgehammer and Whore

    Josh Friedman | I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

  2. My Summer on the Content Farm

    Jessanne Collins | The Awl

  3. The Ballad of Colton Harris-Moore

    Bob Friel | Outside

  4. In Which We Eagerly Await Aaron Sorkin's Friend Request

    Molly Lambert | This Recording

  5. Scott Storch Raked in Hip-Hop Millions, then Snorted His Way to Ruin

    Gus Garcia-Roberts | Miami New Times

  6. I Was with Coco

    Todd Levin | GQ

  7. 13 Ways of Looking at Liz Lemon

    Sady Doyle | Tiger Beatdown

  8. Poor Little Rich Girls: The Ballad of Sara and Clare Bronfman

    Moe Tkacik | New York Observer

  9. The Quaid Conspiracy

    Nancy Jo Sales | Vanity Fair

  10. The James Franco Project

    Sam Anderson | New York Magazine


  1. The Case of the Vanishing Blond

    Mark Bowden | Vanity Fair

  2. You're Not a Rape Victim Unless Police Say So

    Amanda Hess | Washington City Paper

  3. The Mark of a Masterpiece

    David Grann | New Yorker

  4. Art of the Steal: On the Trail of World's Most Ingenious Thief

    Joshuah Bearman | Wired

  5. Are You Sure Want to Quit the World?

    Nadya Labi | GQ


  1. What Good Is Wall Street?

    John Cassidy | New Yorker

  2. Inside the Secret World of Trader Joe's

    Beth Kowitt | Fortune

  3. Start-Up City

    Edward L. Glaeser | City Journal

  4. Google and Money!

    Charles Petersen | NY Review of Books

  5. High Rollers, Triads, and a Vegas Giant

    Matt Isaacs | Reuters


  1. The Last Patrol

    Brian Mockenhaupt | The Atlantic

  2. Afghanistan: 'So This is Paktya'

    Neil Shea | The American Scholar

  3. Tycoon, Contractor, Soldier, Spy

    Adam Ciralsky | Vanity Fair

  4. The Gun

    C.J. Chivers | Esquire

  5. A Protocol of Barbarity

    Spiegel Staff | Der Spiegel


  1. All the Dirt That's Fit to Print

    Alex Pappademas | GQ

  2. For the Love of Culture

    Lawrence Lessig | The New Republic

  3. The Man the White House Wakes Up To

    Mark Leibovich | New York Times Magazine

  4. The Future of Advertising

    Danielle Sacks | Fast Company

  5. Clay Shirky: "Paywall Will Underperform"

    Decca Aitkenhead | The Guardian


  1. Frat House for Jesus

    Peter J. Boyer | New Yorker

  2. Regard the Scuttlebutt as True

    Paul Mariani | First Things

  3. The Empty Chamber

    George Packer | New Yorker

  4. Washington, We Have a Problem

    Todd Purdum | Vanity Fair

  5. Tea & Crackers

    Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone


  1. The Education of Demetrius Walker

    George Dohrmann | Sports Illustrated

  2. The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder

    Dave McKenna | Washington City Paper

  3. The Legend of Black Superman

    Rafe Bartholomew | Deadspin

  4. The High Is Always the Pain and the Pain Is Always the High

    Jay Caspian King | The Morning News

  5. Lionel Messi: The World at His Feet

    S.L. Price | Sports Illustrated


  1. The Cocaine Coast

    Marco Vernaschi | Virginia Quarterly Review

  2. Cary in the Sky with Diamonds

    Cari Beauchamp and Judy Balaban | Vanity Fair

  3. The Mystery of the Tainted Cocaine

    Brendan Kiley | The Stranger

  4. My Kushy New Job

    Wells Tower | GQ

  5. America's Cocaine King Hid from Drug Cartels for 25 Years

    Gus Garcia-Roberts | L.A. Weekly


  1. Depression's Upside

    Jonah Lehrer | New York Times Magazine

  2. Secret of AA: After 75 Years, We Don't Know How It Works

    Brendan I. Koerner | Wired

  3. A Deadly Misdiagnosis: Is It Possible to Save the Millions of People Who Die from TB?

    Michael Specter | New Yorker

  4. The Covenant

    Peter J. Boyer | New Yorker

  5. The Killer in the Pool

    Tim Zimmerman | Outside


  1. What Is I.B.M.'s Watson?

    Clive Thompson | New York Times Magazine

  2. Video Games: The Addiction

    Tom Bissell | Guardian UK

  3. The Chess Master and the Computer

    Garry Kasparov | NY Review of Books

  4. Hack Pack: The Biggest Identity Theft Case Ever

    Tim Elfrink | Miami New Times

  5. Washington's I.T. Guy

    Nancy Scola | The American Prospect


  1. It Was Delicious While It Lasted

    Jay McInerney | Vanity Fair

  2. Keeping It Kosher

    Frank Bruni | New York Times Magazine

  3. Inside D.C.'s Food-Truck Wars

    Tim Carman | Washington City Paper

  4. Burger Queen

    Lauren Collins | New Yorker

  5. The Guiltless Pleasure

    Rick Bragg | Gourmet

Arts & Culture

  1. Roger Ebert: The Essential Man

    Chris Jones | Esquire

  2. The Early Woody Allen 1952-1971

    Kliph Nesteroff | WFMU Blog

  3. Getting Made the Scorsese Way

    oral history | GQ

  4. Whatever Happened to N.W.A.'s Posse?

    Martin Cizmar | L.A. Weekly

  5. James Frey's Fiction Factory

    Suzanne Mozes | New York


  1. "I Said, 'Fuck You, O.J.'"

    Suzanne Snider, Lawrence Schiller | The Believer

  2. Everything You Think You Know About Mike Tyson Is Wrong

    Ivan Solotaroff | Details

  3. Christian Bale May Kill Someone Yet

    John H. Richardson | Esquire

  4. R. Crumb, The Art of Comics No. 1

    Ted Widmer | The Paris Review

  5. Bill Murray Is Ready to See You Now

    Dan Fierman | GQ